Revolutionizing manufacturing through
"Digital × Bio"

For the bright future of Earth and Humanity, we will develop “Smart Cells” to produce a wide variety of substances using digital technology and biotechnology. We support our clients using our bio-manufacturing technology.

Who We Are?About us

Founded in 2020 as a start-up from Kobe University. We aim to contribute to society as a platform for bio-manufacturing through the fundamental technologies and knowledge which are a result of cutting-edge research and development centered on synthetic biology.

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What We Do?Business details

Building Asia's first business for smart cell creation

“Integrated BioFoundry®”

We handle everything from the development and improvement of microorganisms capable of producing a variety of substances to the development of processes for large scale production and commercialization at rapid pace.

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How we do?Our Technology

Platform to consolidate the technologies necessary for biomanufacturing

DBTL cycle

Through the use of DBTL cycle we create smart cells that efficiently produce target substances.

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