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Building Asia's first business for smart cell creation“Integrated BioFoundry®”

We handle everything from the development and improvement of microorganisms capable of producing a variety of substances to the development of processes for large scale production and commercialization at rapid pace.

Integrated BioFoundry business

We create plans based on the final products that our clients require and quickly develop microorganisms that will realize them at our BioFoundry.We provide one-stop services from smart cell creation to production process development, allowing for rapid success.

※This is an example. We can also propose new projects depending on your industrial needs.

Compatibility with a wide range of host organisms

We can propose microorganisms tailored to the customer’s goals and can also improve the functionality of the microorganisms currently in possession.

  • E. coli
    Raw chemicals
  • Brewer’s yeast
    Natural cosmetics
  • Pichia yeast
    Functional protein
  • Bacillus

※This is an example. We provide the selection of microorganisms based on industrial needs.

Contributing to our supporting industries

We plan and execute projects that meet the needs of our clients in various fields.

  • Manufacturing Industry


    Radically reforming manufacturing processes, we aim to eliminate petroleum-based chemical synthesis, as well as create microorganisms that can produce substances that are difficult to produce using conventional production processes.

  • Food industry


    In order to transform sustainable food production systems, we will create microorganisms that can efficiently produce biopesticides and produce alternative proteins for food and feed.

  • Healthcare


    With a view to developing treatments that have been difficult in the past, we will develop new pharmaceuticals (biopharmaceuticals, mRNA, etc.) and realize fermentation production that can efficiently produce medicinal substances that are difficult to obtain, such as herbal medicines and natural products. We aim to support health care through food.

Intestinal microbiome model business

We provide a bioreactor to replicate the human large intestine microbiome for evaluating foods, drugs, and probiotic preparations and replace animal and human testing.

It accurately reproduces the human intestinal microbiome.

AnalysisAnalysis service

  • Providing a highly reproducible evaluation system for the human intestinal microbiome (e.g., evaluating the effects of test substances on microbiome composition and metabolites)
  • Developing tailored health management, preventive medicine, and precision treatments (Research and development of personalized nutrition for medical care)

Analysis contents

  1. 16S rRNA analysis:
    Analysis of microbiome composition
  2. Quantitative PCR:
    Measurement of total  and specific bacterial amount
  3. HPLC analysis:
    Analysis of major metabolites
  4. Metagenomic analysis:
    Functional gene amount/expression amount analysis
  5. Metabolome analysis:
    Comprehensive metabolite analysis
  6. Bioinformatics and statistical analysis 

※It is possible to analyze the usability and degradability of test substances such as short fatty acids, probiotics, and pathogenic bacteria on the intestinal microbiome.

Genomic analysis of bacterial flora


Metabolite analysis


Product development

We are promoting research and development with the aim of establishing carbon recycling technology that uses CO₂ as a direct raw material. By directly using CO₂ as feed during the production process, it is expected to significantly reduce GHG emissions compared to conventional biomanufacturing using biomass. Currently, development is proceeding with the "NEDO Green Innovation Fund Project" jointly with other domestic companies.

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Establish a platform for direct utilization of CO₂ for functional material production.