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Greetings from our new Representative director.

In the biotechnology industry, competition in technology development is intensifying both domestically and internationally as we strive towards realizing a bio-economy society.

Bacchus Bioinnovation was founded in March 2020, leveraging the foundational technological elements and expertise resulting from years of advanced research and development, primarily in synthetic biology, conducted at Kobe University. Motivated by the belief that "science confined to academia alone cannot change the world; we must take a step forward and contribute to humanity," we launched our venture as a university spin-off startup. Since then, we have been accelerating the expansion of our lab, upgrading facilities and equipment, and strengthening our team.

Last year, we were selected for the Green Innovation Fund (GI) and the biomanufacturing Revolution Promotion Project (GX), and this fiscal year marks a pivotal year where research and business development activities, including GI and GX, will be in full swing. Additionally, our core business, the Biofoundry business, has seen a steady increase in commissioned projects from our clients.

In the rapidly evolving world of biomanufacturing, where our expertise and achievements are increasingly sought after, we must understand the core "technology" and make decisive decisions with a sense of urgency. With a strong determination and responsibility of "doing it now, no matter what," we will move forward.

To achieve medium to long-term growth, we will guide our client companies' businesses to success through the services we provide, and further expand into proposal-based businesses based on these services. Concurrently, we will push forward with the commercialization of our in-house products based on the development using microorganisms and other accumulated breeding expertise, aiming for early profitability.

"For the advancement of science, the industry in that field must also advance." Striving for progress and aiming further ahead, we will walk together with our customers, shareholders, partners, and the local community to drive and grow this new biomanufacturing business that will lead the world.

We remain dedicated to the development of our business, and we sincerely ask for your continued guidance and support in the future.

Akihiko Kondo
Representative Director and CEO
Bacchus Bio innovation Co., Ltd.