Wet-lab technician (in charge of breeding development and instrumental analysis)

Job description

Breeding development targeting various microbial species including E. coli and yeast
You will be responsible for the development of fermentation production strains, high-performance enzymes, etc.

  • Creation and development of high-production breeding strains and development of fermentation processes for mass production
  • Design and development of highly functional enzymes through enzyme improvement, optimization of enzyme reaction pathways, and their demonstration.
  • Metabolite analysis using instrumental analysis, NGS analysis, and analysis using molecular product methods


Requirement Breeding development:
Knowledge and experience in biochemistry and molecular biology (microorganisms)
Good to have Knowledge and experience in microbial fermentation production and synthetic biology
Knowledge and experience in instrumental analysis (HPLC, GC/MS, etc.)

Dry-lab technician (in charge of program creation, operation, and analysis)

Job description

Development and operation of technology using biotechnology and ICT (*Guidance provided by our employees)

  • As a member of the team, you will be responsible for algorithm consideration and analysis.
  • Statistical analysis and machine learning of fermentation-related sensor data and various omics data
  • Systems that lead to the development of useful enzymes using protein sequence and structural information


Required Experience using object-oriented languages ​​such as Python
Good to have Knowledge of organic synthesis
Knowledge and experience in protein engineering (protein design, structural analysis, etc.)

Application Requirements

Academic background

Those who have completed a master’s or doctoral program in science (regardless of whether they are freshers or experienced, including post-doctoral researchers)

*Native Japanese speakers or those of the same level, or those who have the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 (N1)

Employment status Full-time employee (trial period is 3 to 6 months, working conditions are the same as regular employment)
Salary model Determined based on research results, work experience, etc.
[Reference] 4.08 Million Yen for Post-graduates, 5.04 Million Yen for doctorates (annual salary system, paid monthly in 12 installments) *FY2023
Allowances Commuting allowance, salary increase (based on performance), five-day work week, 123 days off per year (2023 results), welfare club membership, social insurance, etc.

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